Make agreed changes to AIDA 3.2 user interface - SLAC

Put existing anaphe dev interfaces into CVS -- in AIDA repository in work/dev - CERN

Also create work/examples - CERN + SLAC

Also create work/test - SLAC

Also create plugin managment - Andreas et al

IAnalysisFactory* af = AIDA_create_AnalysisFactory(["JAS/OpenScientist/Anaphe/Root"]);
ITree* = af.createTreeFactory("JAS/OpenScientist/Anaphe/Root",["flavour1,flavour2"].create();
IHistogramFactory* hf = af.createHistogramFactory(tree,["JAS/OpenScientist/Anaphe/Root]",["flavour1,flavour2"]"]);

Need convention to map from user supplied options to library name (which must be in LD_LIBRARY_PATH), and entry point within library. Initial implementation may require library names directly related to names used as arguments. Later implementation may have more flexibility (XML file etc)

Check if any changes needed in XML DTD for AIDA 3.2 - SLAC
   In DTD should PATH be full path including name, or PATH excluding name
   (If ends with / treat as directory otherwise treat as full path including name -- Path should be "/" for top level ("" == "/"))

Comments on summary to Guy by Tuesday morning, Guy will provide next iteration by Thusday, so we can have final version by end of week?

Video meeting 22nd July - 5pm  CERN time.
Video meeting 18th September - 5pm  CERN time.