Changes for AIDA 3.2

AIDA 3.2 is an interim release to minor compatibility problems/missing methods and urgent problems. More complex issues are delayed until AIDA 4.0 after more experience has been gained with interoperability at the developer level.

AIDA-7 ITree.mkdirs() should not throw an exception if directories already exist. Update documentation, and if necessary implementations.

AIDA-9 Add options argument to IDataPointSetFactory methods to allow detailed specification of action

AIDA-11 Add int maxEntries() method to get the number of entries after which the cloud will convert to an histogram?

AIDA-14 Argument "name" should be changed to "path" factory methods. Documentation should make it clear that it can contain a path (including /). Thrown directories must exist, or an error will be thrown. / is currently not allowed in names. This could be fixed later with an escape character convention.

AIDA-17 Add extra methods for creating DataPointSets, these should also be set methods in the DataPointSet.

createY(String name, double[] y, double ey[], double ey2[]) // x implied
createX(String name, double[] x, double ex[], double ex2[]) // y implied
createXY(String name, x,y,ex,ey,ex2,ey2);
createXYZ(String name, x,y,z,ex,ey,ez,ex2,ey2,ez2)

AIDA-18 Should change returns of type std::string& to std::string. Doesn't force particular implementation.

AIDA-22 Add extra methods for ITuple, String[] columnNames(), Class[] columnTypes()